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A message from our founder:

This has not been an easy decision to make, but NWGDR will not be accepting new dogs for the next few months. It is time to take a step back and breathe for a little bit after consistently having 10-15 dogs in the Program for the last 10 months. I know that there are a lot of Danes and families in need of our help, but if we are going to continue our work something has to change for a bit. I hope that you can all respect our decision and give us some time to rest. We do appreciate the love and support that you all have shown us over the years, we could never have done it without you all.

We still have a few dogs that are looking for new homes, and we will continue to post them until homes are found, but will not be taking in any new dogs unless it is an emergency until further notice.

I wish that I could refer you to other rescues in our area, but they are also in the same boat with not enough foster homes and too many dogs needing help. If you need to place your dog please do so responsibly and require references and a home visit.

-Sandee Elliot, April 21, 2022

Because of recent global and local events that are affecting us here at the Northwest Great Dane Rescue as well as everyone else, there may be a delay in response from us. We will try to get back to you as we have time. Please be patient. Thank you for understanding.

Northwest Great Dane Rescue is a non profit group established in 2014 dedicated to the rescue of local Great Danes in need. Although we have been known to go out of state, most states and areas have their own local Dane rescues and so this is rarely needed. The rescue as it is called now was reconfigured in 2014 in order to achieve non profit status. Prior to being Northwest Great Dane Rescue it was called Gretchen’s Place, named after one of the very first Great Dane’s to be rescued back in 2004. Approximately  120 Danes have been placed in awesome loving homes since its conception. Along with fostering these dogs we provide the needed medical care, each one is spayed or neutered, temperament tested and micro-chipped. We then match it with the perfect owners. We are always looking for foster homes or if you are looking for a Great Dane as a wonderful companion we encourage you to fill out an application which can be found here.

This website has been created to give you information to help you make an informed decision when adopting and/or owning a Dane.

We are run entirely by our hard working volunteers and donations from people like you. If you would like to help those Danes in need, please donate using the option below.

Hara (adopted)

Each dog that NWGDR accepts into our Program brings their own set of challenges and needs. They all need the basics- a foster home, food, training, and vet care. While these needs are easily met we often overlook the little things that it takes to care for these dogs. The day to day care of each dogs brings mountains of laundry, cleaning, enrichment needs, training tools, and minor medical care.

If you are looking for a way to support Northwest Great Dane Rescue’s efforts please browse our Amazon wish list and send a present to the pups! Use the link below to get you there:

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We are also in need of:


  • Beds
  • High Quality Dog Food
  • Chew Toys
  • Leashes and Collars
  • Veterinary Services
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