Adoptable Dogs

If you are interested in any of the dogs you see, please fill out our Adoption Application

If you are out of our service area, transport will be arranged and paid for by the person adopting the dog.




Daisy is a 10 month old Mantle female. She is a sweet girl, with potential, but she can be rude and obnoxious, especially to other dogs. She has not been aggressive with the other dogs, but she has pushed them to the point of them correcting her themselves and she is starting to learn her place a bit. She needs an experienced Dane owner that is going to continue to give her rules and boundaries or she is going to walk all over you. She is getting better, but she does pee submissively to humans, we are currently treating her for a UTI. Once she gets to know you she is right in your face and personal space lol. New owners will be required to take her to an obedience class or work with a trainer. She will require a good amount of leash training, but she is starting to master other basic commands.

Now that we have talked about the bad let me tell you the good! She is so sweet, and loves to snuggle, loves to play with toys, and is a talker. She is the first one to aroo me in the mornings and the last one to grumble about it being bed time. She is a clown and she is a lot of fun for the other dogs that enjoy playing when she isn’t being too obnoxious. She would like to be active and would probably enjoy a teenager or two in her new home, but would be too much for younger children.

She doesn’t seem to care about the cats, but that could always change, and she may decide to be a bully to them if she doesn’t have anything else to occupy her.
She would benefit from having a rough and tough large breed male to play with. I would not suggest her for someone wanting a dog to take to the dog park.

Daisy has been microchipped and vaccinated. She has been spayed/pexied and will be available to go to her new home after she has healed. If you are interested in this dog please submit an application on our website or let us know if you have one on file.





Oscar is a 2.5 year old Mantle male that is ready to find a new home. He is one of the best dogs ever, but he is not for everyone. Oscar has a kind heart with a mind of his own and could be trouble in a home without solid rules and boundaries. He has come a long way since he came into our program and has recieved a lot of training.
He is not the easiest dog to walk, but he has learned to walk on a loose lead with a reminder not to pull here and there. He responds well to an appropriate fitting prong collar and enjoys going for walks. He is not a dog your kids can walk, and he absolutely cannot be on a harness.
Oscar loves his lady dogs and enjoys playing, although he can be a little rough. He tolerates the other males in his foster home, but cannot be loose with them. He will never be a doggy daycare or dog park dog. Through the fence is fine and he has gotten better since he was neutered. He will guard his food from other dogs by lifting a lip. Our dogs are strictly fed in kennels and I would suggest the same in his new home. He LOVES his kennel, but also sleeps loose with no problems.
He is wary of new people at first but is quickly in their lap for butt rubs. He is generally sweet and kind with everyone he meets, but he is not sure about little kids. He would do great with teenagers or adults. He loves a good butt scratch. He has growled at his vet but was quickly corrected and has learned that is not ok.
Oscar is going to do well with someone that understands working dogs and their mentality. He’s such a fun boy to have around and super cute when he plays with his toys. He’s a super sensitive guy and gets his feelers hurt pretty easily.
Oscar cannot go to a home with cats or poultry as he refuses to believe they are not chew toys 🙄
If you think you might be a good fit for Oscar please submit an application on our website or let us know if you have one on file. He has been vaccinated, microchiped, neutered and pexied. He has also had entropion surgery on both of his eyes. If you do not have an application please go to our website and fill one out.


Gracie is a 6 year old black lady looking for a home to call her own. She is such a sweet and quiet girl. She is pretty happy lazing around the house all day and fun policing the puppies. She needs a home that will commit to getting her out for daily exercise so that she can shed some of her extra weight. When we ran her bloodwork we found that she was on the low end of hypothyroid and we have started her on Thyroid medication. Gracie does have a history of being a dog park bully, so leashed exercise in a controlled environment would be best.
Gracie loves everyone that she meets and would do well in a home with older children. She has been very good with the other dogs in her foster home and would benefit from having a large breed brother. She is ok with other dogs, but does not like rude, in your face dogs.
She has been spayed/pexied, microchiped and vaccinated. If you are interested in Gracie and have an application on file please let us know so that we can pull it. If you do not have an application please go to our website and fill one out.