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I got fired as a driver for speaking out on ways to make the company better after working here for 1 year and 6 months almost. I didn’t get a heads up, even began work that day, and at noon i got booted ofline, and sent a letter sayijg i was fired, without any explanation of why. Right now, because uss express working days of the coronavirus and lack of demand for Uber and Lyft drivers, it’s never been a better time to drive for delivery. Drivers are making hundreds of dollars per week, but you’ll want to sign up sooner rather than later to get started. Read our Favor delivery driver review to learn more.

Superb management, modern office environment, feel very job secure with the company. I am very proud to work as part of the team. We are treated with respect and dignity in my department in particular. He is very hardworking, hands-on, always willing to listen and truly diplomatic. Each department has its own duties but each needs the other to make us the great place to work. It’s an open office environment with a awesome kitchen space where you can grab coffee and warm up your lunch. There’s even a snack cubby where you can get delicious variety of snacks.

Pros & Cons Of Delivering With Amazon Flex

Get on their bad side and your lucky to ever get a load. Lot of other good company’s to run for, I’d suggest you bypass this one. Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 25 current and former employees whether their manager at helped them succeed.

  • What makes Pickup Point one of the best delivery services to work for is that it offers detailed training videos to help improve your performance.
  • Not a mandatory job but you don’t get paid if you don’t work.
  • In order to use Eaze’s driver app, retailer drivers need an iPhone 5 or an Android .
  • This consists of the driver base pay, any peak pay bonuses, and a customer tip.
  • Long hours, stressful shifts, poor management, level of theft is unreal.

Order requests come through on the app and when you accept one, you’ll be able to head to the store and start shopping for the customer’s items so they can be delivered. Anytime there is a flat rate payout, someone is getting the short-end of the stick, and it’s usually the drivers. Because of this, I focus on orders with higher values since the tips will likely make the work worthwhile.

Long Days And Exhausting

28% of the respondents said that they strongly agreed that their manager helped them succeed, and 20% said that they agreed. Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 22 current and former employees if they felt stressed working at uss express employment Of the respondents, 27% said that they strongly agreed or agreed that they felt stressed at work most of the time. Might be offering an incentive that’s too good to pass up. That’s why there’s not just one best delivery app to work for.

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Great co-workers, no weekends, no overtime, paid holidays, PTO, sick time. Overall a relaxed and family-run business. However, little to no explicit opportunities for advancement. More like the type of place you work at for a few months or years and then move on to a different field. For a higher end experience, there’s Caviar. What makes Pickup Point one of the best delivery services to work for is that it offers detailed training videos to help improve your performance.