In August 2018, I lost my 17-month-old Dane very suddenly.  It threw me into a spiral I didn’t expect.

It’s now sometime in late October 2018, I see a post of a Merle Harlequin Female Dane on Great Dane Rescue.  I have seen a lot of Danes up for adoption and thought. Ahhh, but this one, she grabbed me.  Her eyes, the ball in her mouth.  There was Something about her.

I watched her through Great Dane Rescue, it seemed as though nobody wanted her.  I finally gave in and started asking questions.  Mid December I gave in a bit more.  Around Christmas I got serious about seeing her.   In the meantime, I find out why she was given up by her family.  I still want to see her.

Well, it’s now January 2nd 2018 and it’s time to go see Bella.

What a happy girl she was.  She was obviously a man’s dog.  She went straight to my husband and pretty much ignored me and her foster mom.  I had a good feeling about her.  I was told she didn’t play well with “others” and she was “bossy”.  That’s ok.  I started showing dogs at 11, grooming professionally at 16 and I have had horses for 20+ years.  I can deal with those issues.

We took her home and she fit in instantly like we had been her home since she was a pup.  Was she aggressive with other dogs?  Oh heck yes. Was she bossy?  Not in the way I expected.  She is needy/pushy/bossy but loves her humans and we have worked very hard on both these issues.

Two weeks after we brought her home, I had to let my 26-year-old horse start his new journey over the Rainbow Bridge.  Hardest thing I think I have ever had to do in my life.  That horse was my 4- legged love of my life.  Not only did I lose my 4-legged best friend in August, I just lost my love, my rock.  Bella got me out of bed every morning.  She already knew the routine of taking care of the horses, and she was not going to let me forget.  If it was not for her, I don’t know what I would have done.  I tell people she has been my blessing.

Last summer, we tried her at the local doggie day care/kennel.  She did amazing!!  Were there some squabbles?  Oh yes, in fact one day they brought her out with her head wrapped up in vet wrap.  She pushed another dog too far and got her ear ripped open.  She now goes to doggie day care and loves it. Just yesterday they told me they “found” her in the corner snuggling with a dog that had just recently been abandoned.   I can also now take her into stores and the vet without being 200% on guard.  She even goes to a local assisted living facility and is a rock star there.

On June 2, 2019 we passed our final testing with Pet Partners to become an official Pet Therapy Team. And yes, she went from a man’s dog to very much our dog.

I tell you all this because if it was not for Sandy and her team, I wouldn’t have this girl.  They trusted their gut and took her into their care.  They trusted my experience and need for a new friend.  This girl and I needed each other.  She now has a furever home, and everyone around me gets to enjoy this wonderful girl.

So, if you see a Dane up for adoption and it grabs you.  Follow your gut.  Sandy and her team know what they are doing and if you are the right person for that dog… They will make it super easy for you to get your new best friend.

Sherri Young