How to Adopt

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Northwest Great Dane Rescue is a 501 (c)3 organization that was founded to facilitate the placement of Great Danes into permanent homes. We have several years of experience placing dogs and we have developed a set of protocols over that time to ensure that our dogs find their safe, permanent home and to reduce the risk that they will be returned to us. From time to time we may make exceptions to some of our rules if the situation is right for that individual dog. For example, we may place an older dog that is incapable of climbing a fence in a home with a fence shorter than 5 feet if it is a good fit for the dog. The decision to make exceptions to our protocols is reserved for the Board only.

  • We require a securely fenced yard at a minimum height of five feetIf you are planning to fence your yard at a later date, please wait until your fencing is completed to fill out an application.
  • We do not adopt Danes to homes wishing to have a dog who lives outside. Great Danes are indoor dogs requiring close contact with their human families.
  • For homes already with dogs, we only place Great Danes with dogs of the opposite gender. (Male with female or female with male) We may waive this requirement based on a case by case basis but only in rare cases.
  •  All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to being adopted. The only exception are for cases where anesthesia is too risky for that individual dog due to age or health condition or in the case of young puppies under 6 months of age. If adopting an unaltered puppy from us you will be required to sign a spay/neuter contract and place a deposit that will be refunded when you show proof of sterilization.
  • We adopt Danes to homes in Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington We follow up with all our adopted Danes throughout their lifetimes and require that the dog be returned to us in a case you can no longer keep the dog.
  • A home visit is required prior to an adoption. We will request a visit to your home to verify fencing or other aspects of the home prior to adoption. If you live outside of our area we will ask a representative to visit your home in our place.
  • Our adoption fee is $600.00. The adoption fee includes Spay/Neuter, Vaccines, Wellness Check, Temperament Test and Microchip. The only acceptable forms of payment are PayPal, check, money order or cash. This fee is non-refundable if you choose not to adopt the dog.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed. When filling out your application please make sure that it is complete including two references, contact information and that it is signed. If it is not complete it will be rejected at the time it is received. Be sure to list all family members and pets living in your home.
  • Additional requirements may also apply as applicable to individual dogs.

NWGDR reserves the right to refuse any application or placement at any time. Please note that Northwest Great Dane Rescue reserves the right to refuse an adoption to an approved home if they deem the home is not suitable for the dog; even if an application has been approved.

Northwest Great Dane rescue works through an application process. Each family or individual interested in adopting a Dane through our program must complete an application and have it approved prior to adoption.

Please allow several days for your application to be processed. We are a team of volunteers that only have some much time in the day. Our application/adoption process is as follows

  • Application is received and looked over to be sure it is complete.
  • Application is reviewed by the Board.
  • Application is sent on to the volunteer who contacts references. Please note that this is part of the process, because we call your references does not mean that we have a dog for you.
  • Assuming references and application meet our standards the application is approved and you will be invited to join our closed Facebook Page for adopters only. At this time if there is a dog your are interested in we will continue in the adoption process.
  • A home visit will be done at some point prior to adoption of a dog. If you are local to Spokane the home visit will be done when we have a dog to place with you. If you are not local we will look into having a representative of our choosing do a home visit when it is convenient for them but prior to placement.

Adopting a dog from NWGDR

  • Application is approved and you have interest in a dog in the program.
  • The foster home of the dog will call you to talk about the dog and to get to know you and your family better.
  • Foster home will bring the dog to your home for a visit or you will visit in their home.
  • An overnight or weekend visit will be set up where the dog will be in your care.
  • If the overnight goes well and all are comfortable with the placement Adoption Contract is signed, Adoption fee is paid, and the two week trial period is started.
  • At the end of two weeks adoption is finalized. If the dog does not work out within that period the adoption fee will be refunded.

If you are interested in applying for adoption, you can do it one of three ways:

Please complete the form below:

Mail a copy of the application to:

NW Great Dane Rescue
PO Box 2103
Deer Park, WA 99003

Email your application to: